Our main fields of activity are:

  • Estonian and Finnish language tuition
  • testing language skills;

We hope that Estonian learning becomes for you an enjoyable process.  We offer the pleasant atmosphere, motivated learners and teacher, and the co-operative spirit.We also offer tailor- made courses for offices and enterprises to meet their employees requirements and one-to-one tuition at all levels and Multi-Skype courses.
We consider the individual nature of every student and believe that together we are indeed capable of reaching our goals.

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About teacher  

E V E L I N  M Ü Ü R I P E A L



  I have graduated from Tallinn Pedagogic University in 1994. I major in in Estonian as a second language and minor  in the Finnish language and literature. I have a MA in Estonian and the  Finnish language and culture.

In addition to participating in several teacher training programs in Estonia, I’ve educated myself in Finland in the University of Turku and in different workshops in Lisboa, Kaunas and Oulu.

I have worked  for the Ministry of Culture and Education and  Integration and Migration Foundation. I have taught the Estonian language and literature at different courses,  with the language of instruction  as English, Russian or  Finnish. Diplomats from the Embassies of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Portugal have taken private lessons with me. I am a member ofthe Association of Teachers of  Estonian as a  Second Language and